Report disaster.... NO~!


e-tto... sweat

downblackdownblackdownblack uh-no...

my report card.... was so colorful skull

Though I'm not stupid.... really.... to tell the truth I'm smart *smacked*

The lessons I got bad score at were:

1. Economykira2
2. Physics no
3. Mathematics api

And the most bad from any worst is....



Congrats to me!!

When I already prepared kasa to avoid spits from my mom...

unexpectedly, she didn't scold at me...

Please forgive my laziness.... sweatlol

Yosh! I'll try harder tomorrow~

-quite a good end, eh-*hearts*

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Haloha! Jogja~

peace peace!

Today was...

I can't remember !! -_-sweat


I ate breakfast... guru2

I went to school... but... swt
Really, I can't remember what I was doing there...
Please blame my lazy brain neko

It's raining here.... kasa
And I love rains.... as long there aren't any lightning. ^w^

Last holiday, new year, We went to Jogjakarta and we also visit the-former-seven-wonders-Borobudur Temple.

Of course I took some pictures! *hearts*

Just to get here... I was scared... The stairs were huge and it was so crowded. no

!!!! Look at his butt! lol sweatlol

One of the wall reliefs....

Cute. *hearts*

Now, now...


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genre : Diary

tag : travel fails random indonesia

Oha! こんばんわ...

Yo! yo

Today, I attempted to make a cupcakes in a whim. upupup

looks not bad.

BUT~~~ harpot


*FAILED* skull


Yesterday, it's been quite a long time since I had an exercise.
My waist keep cracking.

Achi, achi~ sickharpot


Please hope me luck for tomorrow's math test. (笑)

Jya! -_-yo

theme : Diary
genre : Diary

tag : fails whim food pain usual random

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